Best tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow: Full Guide and Review 2021

best tennis racquets for tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow affects about one out of every 200 players. Golfer’s elbow tendonitis is also a common injury among players and is localized on the inside of the elbow rather than on the outside like tennis elbow, so today we decided to make this guide about the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow.

Recovering from tennis elbow can be complex, but there are a few basic principles and tips to follow when choosing a tennis racquet.

Quick Comparison: Best Tennis racquets For Tennis Elbow Reviews 2021

If you don’t have enough time to read the entire article? We make it easy for you, just take a quick look at the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow on the market today.


Yonex VCORE Pro 97HD  ★★★★★ Check price on amazon
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How to choose your tennis racquet when you have a tennis elbow

Before going further into racquet-related advice, it is advisable, in order to recover from a tennis elbow, to discuss playing technique and the importance of rest.

 First and foremost, we recommend that you take a critical look at your playing technique before embarking on a detailed analysis of your equipment. Tennis elbow can be solved by readjusting certain behaviors or by developing your technical capacities: indeed, your arms may be subjected to too much effort or pressure. 

Secondly, give yourself enough rest time. In many cases, players with tennis elbow have to leave the court because of the pain; take the initiative, take time to rest, recover, and talk to your coach, who can help you adjust your game. 

Finally, if you feel your technique and rest time is satisfactory and you think the problem is somewhere else, then carefully review your equipment.

Racquet weight

The weight of a racquet is measured without stringing. Generally speaking, the heavier a racquet is, the more shock-absorbing it is.

If you suffer from tennis elbow, it may therefore be wise to choose a heavier racquet. Of course, this only applies up to a certain point. A good guideline is to find a racquet that is heavy enough to allow you to handle it well. 

But it shouldn’t be too heavy either, otherwise, it will weigh too much on your arm and your technique and ball contact will be affected. 

On the other hand, many tennis elbow players are eagerly moving towards a very light racquet because they feel that the weight of the racquet is solely responsible. In many cases, this will only make the problem worse, while forcing you to use a racquet that is not suitable for your game.

Racquet balance

Like the weight, the balance of the racquet is a major characteristic. But while increasing the head weight provides more stability when hitting, decreasing the weight in the handle means an increased risk of vulnerability to shock and vibration. 

Considering these two aspects, we recommend starting with a racquet that is more oriented towards shaft weight, while of course making sure that the total weight gives you sufficient maneuverability and that you can hold on to a match in three sets.

Racquets swingweight

The racquet’s swingweight is the weight of the racquet as felt during movement. 

Your racquet will need to have a high enough swingweight to be stable, keeping in mind the weight limits, which will have a negative impact on your game and on the efforts your arm will have to make. 

Swingweight is related to the weight and balance of the racquet.

Stiffness of the frame

As far as stiffness is concerned, we can estimate that the stiffer a racquet is, the higher the impact on your arm, due to both vibration and shock absorption. 

Everyone knows what vibrations are, but the link with the world of tennis is not necessarily obvious. 

When the ball hits the racquet, the energy transmitted from the ball to the racquet travels along with the frame to your hand, and finally to your arm – the stiffer the frame, the more energy will be stored and transmitted, the greater the vibration experienced.

Head size and racquet length

The size of the head affects the string’s ability to bend, absorb impacts and disperse impact energy. Choose a larger head size as much as possible. 

Racquet length is another factor not to be overlooked. The longer the racquet, the more pressure and torsion on your arm will increase as you move. 

We, therefore, recommend that you choose a rather short racquet. Most racquets are between 26.96 in  (standard size) and 28.97 in(maximum size).

Strings material 

Just like frames, the type of stringing varies greatly depending on the construction material, type of assembly, and thickness, and this affects the playing sensation. 

When evaluating the type of stringing desired, tennis elbow players are advised to prefer soft nylon strings over stiffer materials such as polyester. 

Another factor that can contribute to tennis elbow is the string construction. As such, it is preferable to opt for a multifilament string, made by assembling thousands of microfibers in order to allow a softer contact and to absorb more vibrations.

Strings Tension  

String tension can also play a decisive role in the overall feel of a racquet. Tennis players suffering from tennis elbow will sometimes choose to reduce string tension to soften the contact and decrease the overall stiffness of the racquet. 

With less tension, the string will absorb more shock energy, which will reduce the impact on your arm. However, less string tension means less control over the ball.

As you can see, there are many things to take into account to adjust your racquet and reduce the risk of tennis elbow. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of these parameters and evaluate the different options available to you. 

Take enough time to test the different types of racquets. Unfortunately, there is no “ideal” tennis elbow racquet, but these tips can guide you and help you to choose one that is suitable for your type of game and will help you to reduce the strain on your tennis elbow. 

Remember that your playing technique may also be responsible for these symptoms. Beware of shortcuts such as changing equipment to address your problems, when more in-depth changes could help you better prevent injury.

Why is it important to choose the right tennis racquet?

You must choose the right racquet for you in order to perform, progress and better assert one’s game. And also to protect you from sport technopathy or tendinitis such as tennis elbow.

Factors that may facilitate the appearance of tennis elbow :

  1. changing the playing style.
  2. Getting new strings.
  3. Getting an improper racquet.
  4. The modification of the grip.
  5. Playing with too heavy balls.
  6. The change of surface.

Tennis elbow prevention

Prevention is better than cure…The key is to do everything possible to avoid having a tennis elbow :

  1. Warm-up well, possibly with a good ointment.
  2. work on your techniques, have a relaxed game and reduce tension, center the ball well.
  3. play with good quality equipment (racquet, strings, balls) adapted to you.
  4. Avoid overtraining.
  5. if it does not disturb your feel, use an anti-vibrator. It is important to know that these anti-vibrators only reduce string vibrations (that’s good enough) but they have no effect on the vibrations of the racquet frame.
  6. Muscle your forearms with spring-loaded muscle grips or compression balls, which are softer but very effective

Best tennis racquet for tennis elbow

Yonex VCORE Pro 97HD

The Yonex VCORE Pro 97HD  is a good choice for advanced players looking for feel and control. This racquet is suitable for tennis elbow sufferers, allows for fast hitting shots. It offers a soft and comfortable feel when hitting while its weight gives you the benefit of increased stability.

Yonex Vcore Pro 97 HD Full Review 2021

Pros Cons

✅Great control.

✅Very Confort

✅Create more spin.

Hard to swing for beginners.


Check price on amazon

Wilson clash 100

The Wilson Clash line of racquets is truly incomparable, combining all the features you would expect from an excellent tennis racquet. The Wilson Clash 100 features a thick and flexible profile. Its low swingweight provides you an easy power delivery, high spin potential, increased stability, and outstanding comfort with every shot. The Wilson Clash 100 is one of the best tennis racquets for tennis Elbow tennis racquets on the market.

Wilson clash 100 Full Review 2021

Pros Cons

✅Great Mix Of Power And Comfort.

✅Great maneuverability.

✅Great Feel and Easy spin.

✅Good vibration dampening.

⛔ Nothing we could agree on.

Check price on amazon

Head Gravity Tour Graphene 360+

The Head Gravity Tour Graphene 360+’s rounded 645 square centimeter head size and dense string pattern provide plenty of spin potential and control for aggressive, precision-oriented players. Ideal for tennis elbow sufferers, this racquet offers an amazing feel and excellent ball penetration. 

Pros Cons

✅Great Mix Of feel And Comfort.

✅Great maneuverability.

✅Great comfort.

✅Good vibration dampening.

⛔ Hard to generate spin for beginners.

Check price on amazon

Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP

Head Prestige MP Graphene 360​​+ is one of best tennis racquets for tennis Elbow, this racquet is perfect for advanced and intermediate players who like to feel connected with their racquets. 

The Head Prestige MP Graphene 360​​+ offers high stability and control.

Pros Cons

✅More control

✅Easier to swing.

✅Great comfort.

✅Good vibration dampening.

⛔ Nothing we could agree on.

Check price on amazon

Prince Phantom 100X (305)

The Prince Phantom 100X (305) is perfect for intermediate and advanced players looking for more comfort, high spin potential, and effortless power. 

This racquet is very strong given its specifications and allows players suffering from tennis elbow to play with more confidence.

We recommend the Prince Phantom 100X (290g) racquet for intermediate to advanced players looking for a flexible, maneuverable, and control-oriented racquet.

Pros Cons

✅Great speed

✅More control and feel 

✅Great comfort.

✅Good vibration dampening.

⛔ Nothing we could agree on.

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Wilson Federer adult tennis Racquet

Wilson Federer Adult is a great choice for beginners who are suffering from tennis elbow. This racquet will help you to improve your tennis skills. 

The Wilson Federer adult racquet is made of high-quality, durable materials, it is also lightweight. Wilson Federer (Wilson Federer) Adult is a good practice racquet that helps to improve skills and skills in tennis matches.

 This racquet is made of high-quality and durable materials. It is also lightweight, which’s why it is a good racquet for beginners and intermediate players.

Pros Cons

✅Great for beginners 

✅More control and feel 

✅Good stability.

✅Good vibration dampening.

⛔ Not recommended for advanced players.

Check price on amazon

Prince Tour 100p

The Prince Tour 100P racquet is ideal for players looking for control without sacrificing power and who also enjoy touch and feel. This is definitely a racquet to try for the complete player.

This racquet has high stability the heavy hits will not transmit bad vibrations. The racquet remained rock-stable during off-center hits, and it’s a good choice for players with elbow issues.

Pros Cons

✅More control 

✅Great stability.

✅Good vibration dampening.

⛔ Nothing we could agree on.

Check price on amazon

Volkl V Feel 10

This racquet offers a good quality feel and a lot of comfort with good vibration damping making it easy for tennis elbow advanced players to play with all their skills.

The Volk V-Feel 10, is above all the ultimate weapon in terms of precision. It excels in the small game and at the net. 

it is designed for players with good technical levels to center each shot perfectly. Outside the sweet spot zone, the comfort is particularly firm and the penalty is immediate on the length of the ball. Attackers will particularly appreciate its classic qualities.

Pros Cons

✅A great mix of feel and control 

✅Great stability.

✅Good vibration dampening.

⛔ little underpowered.

Check price on amazon

Head MicroGEL Radical

HEAD Microgel Radical combines all the characteristics of a good racquet, allowing you to improve your skills in the field. It is designed for ultimate control and power in the field. 

It has a great soft sport feel and comes with built-in comfort technology that makes it easy for players with tennis elbow issues to play extremely comfortably and smoothly. One good thing we noticed is the extra spin effect it generates right away.

Pros Cons

✅Great control 

✅Good maneuverability.

✅Great Feel and comfort.

⛔ Nothing we could agree on.

Check price on amazon


So guys Here is the complete review of the best tennis racquets for tennis Elbow, in this article I have shared the best 9 tennis racquets for tennis elbow sufferers.

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