Babolat pure drive 2021 Racquet Review

babolat pure drive 2021 racquet Review

Today I’ll be reviewing Babolat pure drive 2021 and also comparing it to some other racquet in the same range. 

The Babolat pure drive 2021  is one of the famous racquets in the market today.

 After reading this article you will get to know all the characteristics as well as the pros and the cons of this amazing racquet.

Babolat pure drive 2021 quick review 

If you are in a hurry and you don’t wanna read the full review, we made it easy for you, just read this quick review to check out the characteristics of this amazing racquet.

babolat pure drive 2021 review specs

babolat pure drive 2021 review

babolat pure drive 2021 review pros and cons

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Who is Babolat pure drive 2021 racquet for? 

Considering the technical characteristics of the Babolat pure drive 2021, I would recommend it to beginners after testing racquets of this weight, Intermediate to advanced players who want a medium weight racquet.

The Babolat pure drive 2021 can also be a good choice for advanced females, and players who want a racquet with good power that provides good access to the lift, also players looking for a comfortable racquet with a neutral balance.

Babolat pure drive 2021 Specs 

Looking at the specs the weight of the new Babolat pure drive 2021 is 300 grams the head size is 100 square inches just like the previous versions of the Babolat pure drive the balance of the racquet is seven points headlight which allows it to really move well through the air and the main features of these Babolat pure drives are this 16 by 19 string pattern which is a super open 16 by 19 string pattern if you take a close look you can see how big the gaps are between the strings this gives this racquet a huge bite on the ball and a lot of that trampolining effect that gives this a lot of power.

babolat pure drive 2021 review specs

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Babolat pure drive 2021 full Review

Features and technologies

Let’s talk about the features of the Babolat pure drive 2021 well in true Babolat style have come up with new technologies to improve the racquet we have the FSI technology which is their new system of the grommets 

the grommets are in a hexagon shape which supposedly allow the strings to move a lot more giving it a bigger trampoline effect increasing power and increasing spin 

Babolat pure drive 2021 is a racquet that’s already quite powerful and for those power players if you increase even more power I’m really excited to see what it does 

for me personally, I used to play with this racquet simply because I loved the amount of power generated on my serves and if you can find a way to control it with your spin if you can counter that power and control that power it can be a great racquet for you 

another new technology that Babolat has introduced is the HTR system which is the higher torsion rigidity and it’s the way that they mold the racquets making them a little bit stiffer a little bit more rigid and hopefully giving you a little bit more power again on the ball 

the next system is their SWX system well the SWX is the shock-absorbing system which has been put inside the racquet they’ve always used the cortex system I don’t know if you’re familiar with the previous racquets of the wheel drive they used to have one of these torsion systems in the throat they’ve got rid of that on their previous design and this follows suit so there’s no visible cortex in the racquet

 but it’s been put inside it and that will help you reduce those vibrations going through the arm and for those of you that suffer from wrist issues elbow issues like tennis elbow or shoulder problems it’s a great way to reduce stress on those joints simply because that vibration that was going through your arm at contact will be taken away

Feel and stiffness

The versatile 645 sq. cm. Head size helps keep the Babolat pure drive 2021 comfortable.

The versatile 16×19 string pattern is a nice addition to the comfort of the Babolat pure drive 2021.

The Babolat pure drive 2021 does have a bit of stiffness, which increases accuracy but can provide some firmness at impact.

overall, in terms of comfort and forgiveness of centering errors, the Babolat pure drive 2021 will be just fine.


The Babolat pure drive 2021 combines a 645 sq cm head size, 16×19 string pattern, 23mm / 26mm / 23mm profile thickness, and 71 Ra stiffness.

The head size of the Babolat pure drive 2021 is versatile, a feature that will help provide power without losing too much control.

The versatile string pattern will help provide power to the Babolat pure drive 2021.

The thick profile will bring a high dose of power to the Babolat pure drive 2021.

The relatively high stiffness of the Babolat pure drive 2021 will help the racquet provide easy power.

Considering all of its features, the Babolat pure drive 2021 will have a relatively high power level.

Spin Potential 

The versatile head size provides plenty of topspin.

The versatile string pattern of the Babolat pure drive 2021 makes it possible to generate more topspin.

Overall, with the combination of the 645 sq. cm head size and 16×19 string pattern, the Babolat Pure Drive 2021’s topspin is quite decent.


The balance of the Babolat pure drive 2021 is set at 32.0 cm for an unstrung racquet, which equates to a neutral balance.

The medium head size of 645 square centimeters will help give the Babolat Pure Drive 2021 some decent maneuverability.

With its 300 gram weight, neutral balance, and versatile medium head size, the Babolat Pure Drive 2021 will have plenty of maneuverability.


The Babolat Pure Drive 2021 has a very stale frame with a head size of 645 sq cm, it will allow you to have a great versatility between maneuverability and power. Its 16 x 19 string pattern will give you the possibility to have more control with a very nice spin. 

Its weight of 300 g is associated with a balance of 32.5 cm, they will allow you to have a lot of power in your strikes. This tennis racquet will give you a lot of control.


I take advantage to review the evolutions of this Babolat pure drive 2021, let’s start with the strong points and in particular the improved power and handling. The comfort also gains points even if it is still perfectible. 

The racquet is still very forgiving, which makes it very versatile. The feel remains intact and it’s clear that the changes are well in hand. We encourage players who attack from the baseline with power and topspin to adopt this frame.

Alternatives to the Babolat pure drive 2021

Yonex Ezone 100 (300g)

I would recommend this racquet to intermediate and advanced players who are looking for a good amount of easy power, with good maneuverability, players who want a comfortable and forgiving racquet, with a good spin potential.

babolat pure drive 2021 vs yonex ezone 100

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Head MXG 3

The new range of Head MXG tennis racquets has a design that does not go unnoticed!

All the particularity of the racquet lies in a silver-colored bridge located at the bottom of the head, which gives the racquet a very original futuristic look.

The composition of this racquet is original since it is made of Graphene Touch and magnesium, magnesium being a material that is rarely found in the construction of tennis racquets.

Head was inspired for the construction of this racquet by techniques used in the vehicle industry.

In conclusion, the Head Graphene Touch MXG 3 is a comfortable racquet, with a good mix of power and control.

babolat pure drive 2021 vs head mgx3

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Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0 F Tour

This racquet is a perfect choice for advanced competitive players looking for a racquet that gives them a lot of control but also some power.

The CV Series racquet line is the result of a merger between Dunlop and the Japanese company Srixon to produce the highest-performing racquets possible. The CV racquets, adopted by Kurumi Nara or Zarina Diyas, are designed for players looking for power and wanting to outplay their opponents.

babolat pure drive 2021 vs dunlop srixon revo cv 3.0 f tour

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Wilson clash 100

For once, the marketing promises have generally come true. Wilson R&D has designed a racquet with unprecedented characteristics. 

The Clash is very soft on the measuring machine (53 RA strung!), with very low inertia (307 kg.cm²): the opposite of what brings power…

But finally, on the court, a large majority of testers recognized that the Clash was really special.

 To get the most out of the high-level comfort, the ball should be centered a little lower in the frame than usual. Otherwise, the response is surprisingly stiff at the top of the racquet, which is annoying with rough swings. There’s plenty of room to engage in covered or flat hitting, and improvisation at the net thanks to the handle balance and maneuverability.

The 295-gram version lacks a bit of weight for hitters and second-stringers, and lifters won’t really find it to their liking.

Players who are a little light on physical strength will appreciate the ease of handling. And those who accept this particular set of instructions will find the Clash to be a racquet that provides plenty of control and stability and will not easily switch to another model.

Wilson clash 100 Tennis Racquet Review 2021

babolat pure drive 2021 vs wilson clash 100

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HEAD PRESTIGE MP Graphene 360+ Racquet

We recommend the Head Prestige MP Graphene 360+ racquet for advanced aggressive players who want maximum control and precision.

The Head Prestige MP Graphene 360+ racquet now features the Graphene 360+ that was introduced with Gravity. The Graphene 360+ placed all around the frame brings stability and comfort. The advantage? An even better feel with the presence of Spiralfibers on the bottom of the frame that stretches at impact for an incredible feel.

Its very successful red and blue color combination completes the whole perfectly and makes this frame a reference.

HEAD PRESTIGE MP Graphene 360+ Racquet 2020 Review 

HEAD PRESTIGE MP Graphene 360+ pros ans cons

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Final thoughts 

On paper, Babolat applied the good old Japanese recipe of Kaizen: the specifications are theoretically unchanged and the engineers wanted to keep as much of the qualities and feel of the Pure Drive as possible, while better filtering the vibrations.

On the court, we did find an improvement in comfort, it’s clearly less stiff and more muted. The Babolat signature is still there though, with very little distortion on the racquet, even though it’s undeniably softer than previous generations!

Our testers found these 2 demo models also a bit less maneuverable, but slightly more stable and powerful (high inertia!)

The swing weight is quite high, which contributes to the impression of heaviness, especially at the net.

You’ll need to be fluid and loose and anticipate your lifts a bit in order to find the right timing and maintain control.

In this case, this Pure Drive delivers an extremely heavy ball that easily pushes the opponent away.

It feels a bit more elitist, a bit less obvious and versatile than before. The “best” players will perhaps find it more to their liking.

It is still tolerant and the feeling is better in the small game.

From our point of view, we were expecting a Pure Drive 2021 that was even more comfortable but just as easy and suitable for the majority of players, just like Head did with its Extreme, which never gives the impression of being too stiff.

The evolutions are undeniably going in the right direction, even if they give a slightly different personality to Babolat pure drive 2021.


So guys Here is the complete Babolat pure drive 2021 review, which part of this article do you like most? Let me know in the comment section!

Now is your turn to pick one up and to take your game to the next level.

And don’t forget “Talk with your racquet, play with your heart”.