How to Wash Tennis Shoes 101 : The Definitive Guide

How to wash tennis shoes

Everyone wants to keep their shoes clean, but unfortunately, no matter what you do they will get missed up.
In fact, washing tennis shoes can be a little bit tricky there are multiple things that you need to know before starting the cleaning process but don’t worry after reading this article you will be able to know exactly how to wash tennis shoes and make them new again without destroying them.

What type of shoes to wash? 

What shoes to wash? 

There are many types of shoes that aren’t suitable for water washing like :

If you got those types of shoes don’t ever think about washing them with water unless you want to destroy them LOL.

However many other types of shoes are perfect for machine and hand washing especially Canvas and nylon tennis shoes also pleather (fake leather) and casual shoes. 

How to prepare your shoes for washing?

Before washing your shoes there are some important tricks to do: 

Remove Laces: The first thing to do to start your cleaning process is to remove the laces from your shoes, you can whether clean them or replace them if they seem weak.

Clean insoles

Clean insoles: Remove the insoles from your shoes, then wipe dry with a cloth dipped in a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda solution. When washing the rest of the shoes, set the insole aside to air dry.

If the insoles are smelly, sprinkle baking soda directly on them to absorb odor and moisture or replace them. Even if you don’t clean the rest of your shoes, you can do so often.

How to wash tennis shoes using the washer?

How to use the washer to wash tennis shoes?


If there are black scratches on the side of your shoes, wipe the area with a wet magic eraser. usually, it is difficult for the washing machine to remove these types of stains, but if they fall off bit by bit, they will disappear. Here is how to make your own magic sponge

Pick the right settings

Many tennis shoes and runners are made by bonding parts together. Therefore, please pay attention to the setting of the washing machine to prevent the shoes from falling off.

Make sure to choose:

  • Set warm water to prevent the glue from melting.
  • The gentle circulation makes the shoes gently clean.
  • Extra flush to remove any soap leftovers

Add some cushion 

Next, put the shoes into the drum of the washing machine and distribute them evenly on the edges. In the middle, put two big ones. When the shoe bounces in the machine, this will cushion the shoe.

Use the Dryer with Care

  • Extremely high heat can cause the sole to warp, the material degrades and immediately damage a pair of strong tennis shoes.
  • It is a good idea to wrap the shoes in a towel and then run the dryer in a delicate, warm cycle.
  • Place the shoelaces in the pillowcase or air dry to ensure that they do not get caught in or become entangled in the dryer
  • You should check your shoes regularly throughout the drying cycle to ensure that the soles are not warped.

How to wash tennis shoes by hand? 

How to wash your shoes by hand? 

  • If you have expensive new tennis shoes, you may need to wash them by hand to avoid any potential damage.
  • Use a combination of warm water and liquid cleaner, to gently scrub all parts of your shoes with a soft shoe brush.
  • When you try to clean specific spots on your shoes, you can use a soft toothbrush to remove small stains or scratches.
  • Absorb the cleaner from the shoes with a wet sponge.
  • After removing the cleaner with a sponge, wipe it with a dry towel to remove excess water. particularly if you’re washing a pair of leather or suede sneakers.
  • You must remove as much water as possible after cleaning.



How to air-dry your tennis shoes after cleaning them? 

How to air-dry your tennis shoes after cleaning them? 

A safe but slower method is to air dry tennis shoes. Dry them outdoors or indoors, but pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.

Just like the heat in the dryer, direct sunlight can bleach colors and damage certain fabrics, so make sure to place your shoes under tables or chairs after cleaning them to avoid that problem.

You may also want to put a dry cotton towel inside each pair of shoes to help maintain their shape.

You can fill your shoes with old newspapers or paper towels to make sure to remove all the excess water.

How to get the best clean?

How to get the best clean?

Be sure to deodorize the shoes with baking soda the night before. Although this is a small detail, it will make everything different.

Put the shoelaces in the washing bag to assure they don’t get messy in the washing machine

Use a brush cleaner to remove dirt and grime from your shoes before placing them in the washer.

Before putting shoes in the washing machine, make sure to use a brush cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the shoes.

Use liquid detergent instead of powder detergent as it might get stuck in your shoes.

Can You Wash tennis shoes in the Dishwasher?

Can You Wash tennis shoes in the Dishwasher?

You can wash the tennis shoes in the dishwasher but this is not recommended.

Although the machine removes dirt, the detergent from the dishwasher is extremely irritating, it damages the leather and even causes discoloration, the high temperature in the drying process will cause the shoes to shrink and even melt all the parts of your shoes.

Yet, if you decide to continue this operation:

  • First of all, don’t put your hands close to the leather! The dishwasher is only appropriate to wash fabric tennis shoes. Remember to remove the insole first.
  • For a perfect result, place the tennis shoes with the opening facing down into the top compartment of the dishwasher
  • Put your shoes with the opening upside-down into the top division of the dishwasher to get the best results.
  • Add half a tablespoon of detergent to the powder bin, and then switch the machine to the short program and low-temperature state.
  • Add a little bit of detergent to the powder bin, and then turn on the machine to low temperature and short program mode.
  • Before storing, make sure to clean the sports shoes, because remaining dirt and grease can cause yellowing.

How to Store Tennis Shoes?

How to Store Tennis Shoes?

When storing shoes, your first decision may be to lock them on the closet floor. This is definitely wrong. When everything is turned over in a large space, it can make your shoes harder to find.

They are also more likely to get dirty again when you keep putting your pair aside while looking for your favorite ones.

However, if you insist on following the floor plan, please implement some basic shoe organization methods.

If you do not plan to wear tennis shoes temporarily, you can pack them in a shoebox, plastic bucket, or drawstring shoe bag, don’t pile up shoes, arrange them to keep them clean.

Don’t store your clean shoes in wire racks 

Another bad decision to think of is to use a shoe rack this is also a bad decision to make, they’re actually more troubling than they’re worth.

Use clear shoe boxes with lids.

After washing your shoes, arrange them with lids in some plastic boxes to keep them clean and to make it easier for you to choose any pair of shoes you want to wear without ruining the other ones.

Find a dark and temperature-controlled storage space.

When your shoes aren’t exposed to direct sunlight or high or low temperatures, they will keep their best condition. 

The best place to store shoes after cleaning them is in a cool, dark closet that won’t be too stuffy. If you don’t have enough space in your closet, you can put them on the bedroom wall or under the bed.

 Don’t store your shoes in a place that becomes cold in winter and hot in summer. Under these conditions, the fibers of the shoe may decompose over time.

Plug them with acid-free spherical paper. 

If you plan to store your shoes for longer than a month after washing them before putting them again, fill them with paper to help them stay in a good shape. 

Just make sure that the paper is acid-free because the acid-containing paper will damage the shoe material. 

Avoid using newsprint, as it may discolor your shoes. You can also cut toilet paper.

How to disinfect Tennis Shoes?

How to disinfect Tennis Shoes?

If you are worried about bacteria. Pine oil disinfectants can work in hot water, and it will not damage the fabric or leather. Pine-Sol,  oil disinfectants must be added at the beginning of the washing cycle.

Phenolic disinfectants are also effective when used in warm or hot water, and it can be added to washing or rinsing cycles. If you add it to the rinsing liquid, make sure to set the water temperature to warm, because many machines will use cold water for rinsing automatically.


So guys Here is the complete guide on how to clean tennis shoes, I have shared with you all you need to know to get the best clean for your tennis shoes.

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Now it’s your turn to take care of your tennis shoes and make them new again.

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