Yonex EZONE 100 Tennis Racquet Review 2021


yonex ezone 100 reveiw 2021

Today, I’ll review the Yonex Ezone 100 2021 and compare it to some other racquets of the same range. 

The Yonex Ezone 100 2021 is one of the famous racquets in the market today. After reading this article you will get to know all the characteristics as well as the pros and the cons of this amazing racquet.

Yonex EZONE 100 Quick Review

If you are in a hurry and you don’t wanna read the full Yonex Ezone 100 review, we made it easy for you, just read this quick review to check out the characteristics of this amazing racquet.

yonex ezone 100 specs

yonex ezone 100 specs

yonex ezone 100 review

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Who is Yonex EZONE 100 racquet for?

Yonex Ezone 100 is a great choice for players who are looking for a good amount of easy power with good maneuverability without having an ultra-light racquet in mind.

It’s also a good choice for intermediate to advanced players or even beginners looking for comfortable and forgiving racquets with great spin potential.

Yonex EZONE 100 Specs

Liner Tech Technology 

The vertical string eyelets on the outside of the frame have a special angle that lengthens the strings.

This is to increase the size of the sweetspot (comfort zone for hitting) and to make it easier to pick up the spin.

In addition, with this technology, the strings in the center are tighter than those on the outside of the frame to provide control and at the same time comfort and forgiveness on off-center hits.

M40X Technology 

M40X is a graphite-based material used in the racquet’s core to improve the racquet frame’s power, stability, comfort, and feel.

Mesh for vibration damping.

Material has been added to the handle to filter vibrations and provide comfort.

Yonex EZONE 100 Full Review

The power of the Yonex EZone 100 

Like the previous model of the Yonex Ezone 100, this new Ezone still gives a good amount of easy power.

The Ezone line has the most powerful Yonex racquets, although they are relatively close to the VCore line.

The Yonex VCore is a bit less powerful than the Ezone and the VCore Pro is a  control-oriented, less powerful Yonex racquet.

Powerful players who need control may get too much power with the Yonex Ezone 100.

However, it is important to differentiate between the Yonex Ezone with a head size greater than or equal to 645 sq cm, which is powerful, and the Yonex Ezone with a head size less than 645 sq cm, which are control-oriented (for example the Yonex Ezone 98 305g).

Here is a ranking to help you place this racquet in terms of power compared to other racquets, from the most powerful to the least powerful:

Head MXG

Babolat Pure Drive

 Wilson Burn

Tecnifibre TFlash CES

 Head Extreme MP

Head Instinct MP

Yonex Ezone 100

Head Speed, Prestige, Gravity

Babolat Pure Aero 2019, Pure Strike 

Yonex EZone 98, VCore 100, VCore Pro

Dunlop SX 300

Wilson Clash

The spin potential of the Yonex EZone 100

I got a good feel for the chopped backhand; despite the relatively high power of the racquet, I had good control.

As far as topspin is concerned, the feel was good as well; with a 645 sq cm head size and 16×19 string pattern, access to topspin is very good.

I didn’t feel any difference in terms of access to the net compared to the older version of the Yonex Ezone 100, so for me, the feel is very similar in this area.

It should be noted that the access to the lift is quite decent but not extreme.

If you’re looking for a racquet that is very much geared towards lift play, the following models may be more suitable:

Head Extreme MP

Babolat Pure Aero

Head MXG 3

Prince Textreme Premier 105

Wilson Burn 100 S

Comfort and forgiveness

Yonex racquets feature Isometric technology, which is a slightly rectangular head shape specific to Yonex, designed to increase the tolerance of the racquet.

Generally speaking, Yonex racquets offer good forgiveness, and this is also the case with this version of the EZone 100, which is quite forgiving on slightly off-center hits.

I found the racquet to be very comfortable, with good vibration dampening but not a very muted feel.


The balance at 32cm and swing weight of 322 give the Yonex Ezone 100 quite a bit of maneuverability.

There’s a little bit of head weight but it’s very light, enough to contribute to power without reducing maneuverability too much and losing some swing speed.

There will be less maneuverability than with similar racquets with smaller head sizes, like the Yonex Ezone 98 305g.


With this new version of the Yonex Ezone 100, we find sensations very close to those offered by the old model.

The power is still there, interesting for players who do not have an extremely powerful game.

The access to the lift is perfectly correct without being excessive.

Handling is also very satisfying, as well as comfort and forgiveness on off-center hits.

Alternatives To The Yonex EZONE 100

Babolat Pure Aero 2019

The Pure Aero 2019 is a racquet that gains control and comfort over its predecessor while remaining a powerful racquet with a clear focus on lift play.

Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Full Review

Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Full Review

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Dunlop Srixon SX 300

The Dunlop Srixon SX 300 is a racquet designed for the modern style of play based on powerful, lifted shots.

The racquet offers intermediate power with maneuverability and comfort that is very satisfying.

It’s similar to these racquets: Babolat Pure Aero, Yonex Vcore, Prince Beast 100, Tecnifibre T-Flash, Head Extreme, Wilson Clash 100.

Dunlop Srixon SX 300

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Wilson Ultra 100 V3.0

The Wilson Ultra 100 V3.0 racquet is part of Wilson’s Ultra line, which offers relatively powerful racquets.

The Wilson Burn will be more powerful, the Wilson Clash a little less, the Gravity, Blade, and Pro Staff will be less powerful and more demanding than the Wilson Ultra.

Wilson Ultra 100 V3.0

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Volkl V-Cell 9 

The Volkl V-Cell 9 racquet features a 645 sq cm head size, 16×19 string pattern, 24mm / 26mm / 23mm profile thickness, and 68 Ra stiffness.

The head size of the Volkl V-Cell 9 racquet is versatile, a feature that will help to provide power without losing too much control.

The versatile string pattern will help provide power to the Volkl V-Cell 9 racquet.

The combination of the 645 square inch head size and 16×19 string pattern will ultimately offer the Volkl V-Cell 9 racquet a lot of versatility in terms of access to lift, power, comfort, and forgiveness.

The relative stiffness of the frame will help to increase the power of the Volkl V-Cell 9 racquet.

Considering all of its features, the Volkl V-Cell 9 racquet will have medium power with good control.

Volkl V-Cell 9

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Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP

The Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP racquet is part of Head’s Extreme line, which offers comfortable and powerful racquets that promote a lifted game.

The Extreme line is close to the Instinct line in terms of power, the MXGs are powerful and lift oriented as well, the Speed and Radicals are intermediate and the Prestige is the least powerful.

Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP

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So guys Here is the complete Yonex Ezone 100 review, which part of this article do you like most? Let me know in the comment section!

Now is your turn to pick one up and to take your game to the next level.

And don’t forget “Talk with your racquet, play with your heart”.

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