Two potential Super Bowl LVII posters? 

This week 10 of NFL offers us two posters that could, possibly, be the poster of the next Super Bowl LVII that will take place on February 12 in the Arizona Cardinals stadium.

A clash between two of the best teams of this early season with the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings. 

Two teams that have a combined record of 13 wins and only 3 losses since the beginning of the season. 

Also highly anticipated is the long-distance showdown between two of the best NFL receivers of the early season, Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson.

This game will also feature a clash between the Cook brothers. It remains to be seen whether Josh Allen or Case Keenum will take over the reins of the Bills' offense.

Both teams are in the hunt for the division title and there is little room for error for the Chargers, who must catch up with the Chiefs (whom they will face next week), and for the 49ers, who must catch up with the Seattle Seahawks. 

A match that could also have been the occasion of a fratricidal duel between Joey Bosa and Nick Bosa.

The End