Top 6 Game of Thrones Characters , from the least useful to the most useful 


 Davos and Ver Gris, good message carriers

Davos communicated well between the ramparts and the battlefield. Grey Ver excelled in managing the defense of the gate. This is what was expected of them and it was successful.


Theon, magnificent defensive performance

Successful redemption fight for Theon. Excellent bow skills and solid support in defense, for a respectful death. The only downside: his last line to try to kill the Night King, much too phoned in.


Lyanna Mormont, giant slayer

For single-handedly taking down a giant, Lyanna deserves the jury's congratulations and the title of "best young character".


Jorah Mormont, the power of the friendzone

The only leader to go into battle with the Dothrakis, he is the only one to return. Jorah shines towards the end of the game by sacrificing himself for the love he will never have. Sad and beautiful.


Arya, who allows the victory in stoppage time

Very good beginning of the game, very beautiful movements in the library, never gave up, and a personal exploit at the end of the game which thwarts the forecasts. Nothing to say she deserves the throne.


Melisandre, MVP of the meeting

Character not expected at all, but who allowed to see the episode, and then leave without asking anything. In short, clean and clear.