top 13 stars who refuse to use social media 


Scarlett Johansson

She had revealed in 2011 that she didn't want to open a Facebook or Twitter account to stupidly share stuff from her private life.


Brad Pitt

Good old Brad doesn't really want to create a Twitter account either. He had confided that he could see the usefulness of the thing to be able to answer to all kinds of accusations but that he would have preferred to create an account when he was younger.


Jennifer Lawrence

In the category of young international star to whom everything succeeds, Lawrence is clearly on the podium. But she had already announced that she never wanted to register on any social network, saying "if you see an account with my name it's not mine".


George Clooney

Clooney is a man full of common sense, that's why he had declared that for him people don't really need to know what celebrities are doing all day long by following them on social networks.


Emily Blunt

While she is not yet 40 years old, Emily Blunt describes herself as a "dinosaur for social media". Obviously she doesn't get much out of it and leaves it to the youngsters (as she says).


Robert Pattinson

By his own admission during an exchange with his fans on Reddit, Pattinson said he only thought of creating a social media account in his "darkest moments"


Kate Winslet

Relatively discreet by nature, the talented Kate Winslet is quite happy that no one in her family has an account on social networks.


Bradley Cooper

This brave Bradley is not a huge fan of social media either as he says it is "a matter of taste".


Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a little more critical of the social media than the other people of this top. By pointing out this "need to be liked, to be seen, to be validated"


Benedict Cumberbatch

When he was at a convention to answer questions from his fans and they asked him why he wasn't on Twitter, he replied "you just want me to be there because I'm not. If I had an account you'd be bored. I can't be concise when I speak and that's the point of Twitter. 


Mila Kuni

"What I do and what I am are two different things. For me it's very important to separate those two things." So here's the lesson of wisdom from Mila who clearly wants to keep her private life to herself.


Daniel Radcliffe

Since the Harry Potter saga, the actor has taken on a series of ambitious and offbeat projects, managing to gradually shake off his image as a little wizard.



he refuses to come on social media for the simple reason that he likes his privacy and feels he has "nothing interesting to share" about his life.

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