Top 13 highest paid actors on the planet in 2022


Margot Robbie

The highest paid woman in the world of cinema for this year is only at the 18th position, it is Margot Robbie.


Chris Pine

Chris Pine will earn about $13 million in the movie "Star Trek 4" which will be released in December 2023 on our small screen.


Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is set to receive over $15 million in his new film "Aquaman and the Los Kingdom".


Joaquin Phoenix 

Joaquin Phoenix only got about $4.5 million initially for his role as the Joker. A revaluation was made after the success of the film and its Oscar nomination that earned him nearly $20 million.


Tom Hardy

The actor who plays Venom got a $20 million for his role.


Vin Diesel

The actor of "Fast and Furious" distributed by Universal Pictures will earn about 20 million dollars for the shooting of "Fast X".


Chris Hemsworth 

The actor who plays the guardian of gods and men and defender of Midgard cashed in nearly $20 million not in his new movie "Thor Love and Thunder", but in "Tyler Rake 2".


Will Ferrell

Ferrell earned nearly $21 million for his role in "Spirited". It is an American musical film with the theme of Christmas magic.


Dwayne Johnson

The Rock will earn more than $22 million in his new movie "Black Adam". With him in the lead, the former WWE wrestler is in the top 5 highest paid celebrities for this year.


Brad Pitt

In his next film entitled "Bullet Train", Pitt will receive a fee that amounts to about 30 million dollars. This sum will be added to the income from his project with Lewis Hamilton and Apple.


Leonardo Di Caprio

Jack from Titanic raised nearly $31 million for his participation in the film "Killers Of The Flower Moon" directed by the famous Martin Scorsese.


Will Smith

The former "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" actor is in the second position of the highest paid actors in 2022. He owes this position to his role in the film "Emancipation" with a total earnings of about 36 million dollars.


Tom Cruise

"Top Gun: Maverick" has earned Tom Cruise more than $100 million, which is why he is in first place. His place at the box office and the success of the film allowed him to earn more than the expected 14 million.

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