Top 12 zodiac signs ranked from funniest to most boring 


Sagittarius, 17% infidelity rate

Sagittarius is considered to be the most unfaithful zodiac sign. They hate monotony, love the challenge, but can give anything to win back the heart of the one they love.


Gemini, 15% infidelity rate

The Gemini man loves discovery, women who surprise him and make him laugh. Compliments and tenderness are the poisons that can divert him from his relationship.


Aries, 13% infidelity rate

The Aries man is courageous, he likes to take risks and challenges. He doesn't like to admit his wrongdoings, even if he is caught in the act!


Aquarius, 11% infidelity rate

The Aquarian is a character full of mysteries, intelligent and sometimes hard towards his close relations. He likes love stories with little feeling.


Capricorn, 9% infidelity rate

The Capricorn is attracted by intoxicating, generous and sensual women, who have the opposite characters to his own. He can leave for another one as soon as he feels the attraction...


Cancer, 7% infidelity rate

His fear of abandonment weakens him and sometimes pushes him to multiply his mistakes. He is not more faithful than we think, he just knows when to stop.


Leo, 6% infidelity rate

The Leo loves to party and to enjoy the moment to the fullest. They are generous in love and like to please their other half. But be careful! Some gestures can hide signs of infidelity.


Taurus, 6% infidelity rate

Taurus is on the same level as Leo in terms of infidelity. The difference? Deception for a Taurus is a test of seductive power.


Libra, 5% infidelity rate

The Libra man needs a woman who trusts him completely. What pushes him to be unfaithful? Either his beloved is too jealous or she is too possessive.


Scorpio, 4% infidelity rate

Openness in love is essential for Scorpios. They are not afraid to make long-term commitments, but may also admit to sincere friendships outside of marriage.


Pisces, 3% infidelity rate

Pisces are gentle and faithful once in love, and are more attracted to character than appearance. They enjoy deep conversations and can remain faithful until they are deceived.


Virgo, 2% infidelity rate

The Virgoan man emphasizes his wife who is his center of interest. He is the most faithful of all the signs of the zodiac, he marries for life and does not reserve any space for another person.

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