top 12 must see biopics that made history



This film traces the musical works and life of the famous singer Elvis Presley. His relationship with his manager is also evoked in this biopic.



The movie "Ali" tells the story of the famous boxer Muhammed Ali. This biopic traces the boxer's first rise in the ring, his victories, his few defeats and his involvement with Malcolm X.


La Môme

"La Môme" tells the famous story of the singer Edith Piaf. La Môme is played by Marion Cotillard in the film that traces the life of the singer, from her childhood to her fame.


Harvey Milk

Released in 2008, "Harvey Milk" tells the real-life story of this activist for gay rights in American society.



"Ray" is a biopic directed by Taylor Hackford. The film tells the true story of Ray Charles, an African-American singer blind since childhood. It stars the famous Jamie Foxx.


Walk The Line

"Walk The Line" is a biopic that tells the true story of Johnny Cash before he became a world famous country singer. The lead role is played by Joaquin Phoenix.


Raging Bull

This film was voted best biopic of the 90s. It retraces the unforgettable moments of Jake LaMotta's boxing career. Several minutes are dedicated to the fight in which he opposed Sugar Ray Robinson and Marcel Cerdan.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Featured in the Golden Globes Best Drama Film, "Bohemian Rhapsody" is considered to be one of the biggest successes for a musical biopic.


NWA : Straight Outta Compton 

It is a biopic that tells the story of the group N.W.A, famous in the rap world. The success of the group is traced in the film with lyrics that denounce poverty and the reality in their neighborhood.



The film "Lincoln" is nominated 12 times for an Oscar. The famous Steven Spielberg is its director. It tells the life of the 16th president of the United States, including the few months before his death.


Malcolm X

This movie tells the story of the childhood, the journey and the assassination of the famous militant preacher Malcolm X with a brief appearance of Nelson Mandela. Denzel Washington and Spike Lee made this biopic possible.


House Of Gucci

"House Of Gucci" is based on the true story of the luxury brand Gucci. Passions, betrayals, ruin, revenge and murders are all part of the story.

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