Top 12 celebrities and the origins of their scars  



When we talk about celebrity scars, it's impossible not to mention Seal. Like very visible burn marks, his scars are due to an epidermal disease: discoid lupus erythematosus.


Jason Momoa

Aquaman and his scar! It marks a fight in a bar. He came out of it with more than 139 stitches. Drunk, maybe he played his hero and this is the result, who knows!


Queen Latifah

The first lady of hip-hop, both actress and rapper, has a mark on her forehead for life. She cut her head open at the age of 3.


Prince William

The prince also has a scar above his left eye. Hunting is part of the game for any self-respecting royal family. For the Duke of Cambridge, the origin of his scar is neither a sword nor an arrow, but a golf club at the age of 13.


Ed Sheeran

His scar is very quickly noticed, it is located on his right cheek. The singer was drunk... Alcohol and stitches are definitely a good combination!


Sandra Bullock

the beautiful and charming actress has a scar under her left eye. Origin ? Nothing special! A small boo-boo during her childhood that now marks all her life.


Padma Lakshmi

The American actress-writer and model has a scar of more than 18 cm on her right arm. It is a mark left by a surgical operation after a car accident.


Steve Buscemi

Steve got into a bar fight and was stabbed. He has several scars, but one of them is visible on his face. You can tell his attacker didn't stab him in the back!


Catherine Middleton

The wife of Prince William has nothing to do with the Disney princesses: smooth skin, no scars, etc. The resident of Kensington Palace has a scar that measures about 9 cm, a mark she received during childhood during a cranial operation.


Kaley Cuoco

Penny from "Big Bang Theory" loves horses. This love has scarred her left leg for life with a huge scar from an horse riding accident.


Keanu Reeves

The favorite of Hollywood cinema has a huge mark on his belly, a scar he got during a motorcycle accident. Relax, it was not during the shooting of "John Wick".


Kylie Jenner

Kylie has a mark on her left thigh that she will keep for the rest of her life! She got it at the age of 5 while trying to climb a pole. A word of advice: keep it down, kids.

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