Top 12 actors who are comfortable with different roles


Jennifer Lawrence

The actress played the super-villain Mystique in the film "X-Men: The Beginning" and also succeeded in playing the role of an entrepreneur in "Joy".


Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes plays Voldemort, the antagonist in the movie "Harry Potter", and Charles Dickens, a caring and protective husband in "The Invisible Woman".


Kate Beckinsale

Kate slipped into the shoes of Evelyn Johnson, a sensitive nurse in "Pearl Harbor". She then became a ruthless monster and vampire hunter in "Underworld".


Miles Teller

Miles T. starred in "Whiplash" as a talented young man with a passion for music who likes to get ahead. He also played an important role in "Divergent" where he takes the law into his own hands.


Natalia Tena

The warrior, one of the most beloved characters in "Games of Thrones", is also a crazy and jovial rocker in "Rock'n'Love".


Ansel Elgort

In " Our Contrary Stars ", Ansel Elgort plays a man who lost his leg to cancer, but very charming. He is not afraid of the eyes in "Baby Driver" where he plays the role of a driver who loves speed.


Rooney Mara

In "Millennium: The Men Who Didn't Love Women", she plays a young computer geek. In "A Ghost Story", she plays a kind girl.


Richard Armitage

"North and South" tells the story of an obnoxious and execrable man who managed to win the heart of an insensitive woman. In "The Hobbit", he slips into the shoes of a dwarf king who led the Battle of the Five Armies.


Ginnifer Goodwin

In "What Men Think", Ginnifer Goodwin plays a sweet woman in search of the perfect man. She is the opposite in "WhyWomen Kill" where she is a woman thirsty for revenge.


Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is known for his role in "Logan" with his ability to regenerate when injured. He also played in "The Greatest Showman", an entrepreneur who broke into the world of show business.


Natalie Portman

In "Black Swan", Natalie Portman plays a ballet dancer. She then took on the role of a demi-goddess with Thor in "Thor: Love and Thunder".


Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs plays the father of Lucius Malfoy in "Harry Potter". In "Friends With Money", he also plays the role of a family man, but with a different personality.

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