Top 11 jobs that will be in demand in 2025 


Independent teachers

They already exist but will increase in popularity. More and more people want to continue their education through online courses or other alternative tools. Independent teachers can respond to this and are spreading rapidly.


Branding coach 

 Skills such as self-management, self-promotion and self-administration will be very important, unless you know how to outsource or... hire someone to teach you: a (personal) branding coach.


Work Group Coordinators

This may not sound very innovative, but it will be a critical function in a world where there is more and more talk of independent or 'on-demand' talent from employers.


Urban Agriculturists

Managing a vegetable garden together or growing fruits and vegetables on the roof of an apartment? Urban farmers will become commonplace in the years to come.


Companions of the elderly

Someone who specializes in helping the elderly will not have to wait too long to find work. It is not only the physical side that is important, the psychological dimension is just as important.


End of life planners

Farewells are more and more planned and some people opt for big ceremonies to celebrate their departure to the beyond.


Remote health

Health apps will save lives and sensors embedded in popular gadgets like the Apple Watch provide valuable data or warning signals, and this is just like implants. Great news for the technology industry.


Brain surgeons

Brain surgeons and experts in neuro-implantation techniques will be in great demand in the future. At the moment, we are still talking about digital telepathy experiments, robots that do very meticulous work or downloading data from a brain onto a hard drive...


Experts in 3D printing

3D printing experts are discovering new possibilities every day and pushing more and more boundaries. Clothing, gadgets and even medical implants, you can't imagine what can come out of a 3D printer


Virtual reality coach

By 2055, it is expected that many workspaces will become unnecessary because people will be able to work from home, work in a virtual office or be virtually present at meetings.


Robotics Engineer

Robotics is the trend of the moment.  Specialists in this field are and will be indispensable in the future. Robotics is a niche with many job opportunities just waiting to be discovered.

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