Top 10 TV shows that have caused controversy


Emily in Paris

It's not a bad thing, but it's a slight discrepancy with the reality. A "small" apartment of 40 m2 in the Marais, it's not exactly the reality of students who settle in Paris.


Game of Throne

Despite the popularity and hype of the show, not everyone was 100% convinced.



A bit in the same vein, but in the 2000's version: Skins told the dramatic life of teenagers living in Bristol, based on drugs, sex, and parties bathed in alcohol.



Euphoria has very quickly conquered its public. Thousands of fans are passionate about Rue's stories and let it be known on social networks. The series starts with good intentions, but it's a failure: it finds itself at the heart of a heavy polemic.


House of Card

October 2017, the #MeToo movement is gaining momentum, especially after the Weinstein affair. At the same time, Kevin Spacey, actor of the series, is the subject of numerous accusations of sexual harassment and assault.


The Crown

No big controversy in the script this time! Here, it is the difference in pay between Claire Foy, the central character of the series, and Matt Smith (playing King Philip) that has shocked.



Baby is a TV show inspired by the Italian scandal Baby Squillo: the discovery of an underage prostitution ring in the Parioli neighborhood in 2014.


Fate: The Winx Saga

Use a light source other than candles in your pumpkins; costumes, paper decorations and ornamental straw can easily catch fire.



The problem is that some people, despite the horrors Joe commits, manage to find him charming. Sexy. Attractive. Inevitably, the series has been accused of "glamorizing" a serial killer. 



First, the series was produced without warning and without consulting the families of the victims. Some family members were even portrayed in the series without being informed. Dahmer's father is considering filing a complaint for the same reasons. 

The End