Top 10 stars who hated their fame the most


Keira Knightley

The English actress does not like to be pictured, more than anything. She feels that each photo "takes a little more of her soul"


Zach Galifianaki

The comedic actor is pretty clear on what he thinks about fame: "Being a star is crap. It's dumb and I'm not interested."


George Clooney

Fame is for him the thing that prevents him from living normally. He has to deal with it.


Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter isn't much for celebrity. After falling into alcohol during his time as the sloppy wizard, Radcliffe has had a hard time dealing with his international fame


Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford doesn't particularly like being famous. According to him, "Fame will cost us any kind of privacy. It's a liability for everyone. I didn't anticipate it and I don't like it."


Megan Fox

Megan Fox is not a fan of her star life and she says it clearly: "Celebrity is hell. People think that because we live in mansions and drive limousines, we have nothing to be sad about."


Shia LaBeouf

He is so fed up with being famous that he showed up on the red carpet of the Berlin Film Festival in 2014 with a paper bag over his head that said "I'm not famous anymore."


Marilyn Monroe

One could make an anthology of all the hateful quotations of Marilyn Monroe against the celebrity. It "annihilates envy". "Fame is like caviar - it's nice to have, but not at every meal.


Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star hates the very idea of being famous. For her, "fame is the worst thing in the world. To see so much energy deployed to be observed and scrutinized, it's disarming".


Brigitte Bardot

It's an understatement to say that BB did not live well the BB mania of the 60s. Hate of the paparazzi, impression that she will not be able to make three steps without being harassed, journalists camping in front of the Madrague.

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