Top 10 people who became Ccompletely by chance we say thank you internet 


Jeremy Meek

Jerem got 2 years in prison in 2015 for carrying a gun. Except that his jailbird portrait appeared on the web and immediately made a monumental buzz because of his bogosity


Nusret Gökçe

Nusret posts a video on Twitter. Bim 100 000 RT. Nusret is now a meme and has over 43 million followers on Instagram


Emanuele Fasano

One day this young Italian missed his train. To pass the time, he plays the piano in the station. 


Sven Otten

In 2013, Sven posted a video on Youtube where he danced tranquilou bilou. 43 million views later


Arshad Khan

He used to sell tea in Islamabad, Pakistan. Then he was taken in picture by a photographer. His face and his blue eyes made the buzzibuzz.


Cindy Kimberly

At first she was 17 years old and was babysitting in Costa Blanca, Spain. Then Justin Bieber posts a picture of her on his social networks and asks who she is.


Philippe Duma

In retirement, Phiphi decided to post some photos of himself on Reddit while asking if he has a chance in fashion


Baddie Winkle

It took a photo posted by her granddaughter to make her the most buzzed about senior citizen on the internet.


Nicky Libert

Two photos on Twitter and it was good for Nicky, who was then working on construction sites. After that he got a contract to become a model and since then he's been a hit on Instagram and in your heart.


Mike Varshavski

This guy is a doctor, ultra-handsome, has a dog and is single . The guy was just handsome and went to grad school for 10 years to become a star. Well done I'm not jealous at all.

The End