Top 10 most expensive cats in the world 


Ashera Cat

It was created in the laboratory from the DNA of a Serval (Leptailurus serval), a Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) and a Domestic Cat (Felis silvestris catus). 



Resulting from a cross between a Bengal and a domestic cat, the Savannah breed is recognized by the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins) since 2007. 



Resulting from a cross between the domestic cat and the leopard cat, the Bengal is highly sought after for its wild animal look and its very good character. It likes to play and knows how to be affectionate



Straight from Russia, the Peterbald is incomparably lively. But its great particularity is that it is totally hairless.



Naked cat, the Sphynx is a small feline with an atypical physique with its strange look, its elongated muzzle, its very large triangular ears and its angular features. It is recognized in the LOOF since the 80s



Originally from the Isle of Man, it is a tailless cat with a thick and silky short coat. He is quite independent, very affectionate, patient and loves to play. He is very friendly with children.


Maine Coon

A cat of rare beauty with soft semi-long fur, the Maine Coon is among the largest and most expensive cats in the world


British Shorthair

This ball of short, thick hair has a round, baby-like head and beautiful copper eyes. Calm and patient, this very intelligent cat is docile and affectionate, playful and sociable.


Scottish Fold

Cousin of the British Shorthair, the Scottish Fold is recognizable by its short ears folded forward. He likes to be cuddled, he is very affectionate with his masters and very patient with children.


Bleu russe

This beautiful little cat whose exact origin is unknown he is sometimes called the Arkhangelsk cat. He has a fine bone structure and a powerful musculature

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