top 10 tv show characters who are not like that in real life 


Jason Momoa / Khal Drogo

In the show: an authoritarian and violent clan leader who loves blood and raping his wife. In real life: too mims, especially on the Jason Momoa Instagram. Olala I want to mims him so bad.


Lena Headey / Cersei Lannister

In the show: nobody likes her, manipulates everyone, sleeps with her brother, organizes attacks and other assassinations to keep the power. In real life: apparently she is adorable and enjoys life to the fullest. Lena is an actress that people enjoy playing with.


Bryan Cranston / Heisenberg

In the show : family man and chemistry teacher, sells meth and becomes a megalomaniac drug lord. In real life : Bryan is a little angel, he is closer to a Hal in Malcolm than a Heisenberg in Breaking Bad.


Danai Gurira / Michonne

In the show: lonely chick who carries two zombies and slices everything that moves, even children. In real life: quality person, who clearly washed her hair and has style.


Taryn Manning / Tiffany « Pennsatucky » Dogget

In the show: a girl you can't trust too much hihi. In real life: teeth and hair color are everything, isn't that crazy?


Emilia Clarke / Daenerys Targaryen

In the series: Daenerys of the Typhoon of House Targaryen, first of the name, Queen of the Andals, Rhoynar and the First Men In real life: Emilia Clarke, too mimsouiiiiiille.


Johnny Galecki / Leonard

In the series: imbeeeeeerbe. In real life: it's crazy how much the beard is the push-up bra of men.


Travis Fimmel / Ragnar Lothbrok

In the show: big badass viking who kills a lot of people and takes care of his family and his beard. In real life: still as handsome and attractive, but kills a lot less people.


Uzo Aduba / Crazy Eye

In the series: chick who scares every new prisoner. Nicknamed Crazy Eyes. In real life: not Crazy Eyes at all, and is a sweetheart of a person.


Simon Helberg / Howard

In the show : has a hard time getting a date. In real life : has a much better hairstyle, and should feel more comfortable to seduce someone he likes.

The End