Teleworker Success Guide: 5 factors for success 

People who work from home face a number of obstacles. What makes a successful telecommuting day? 



Focusing involves paying attention and making choices. Before you dive into a new day, it's good to think about your intentions: what do you want to achieve today? "Visualize your desired outcome, imagining how you want this meeting or presentation to go." 


Time management

You will first tackle the important and complex tasks that await you. Also mix the main tasks with less urgent ones, these will give you more satisfaction and boost your energy level.


Contacts and feedback

At home, you don't meet colleagues at the coffee machine to chat so you'll have to take the initiative to contact them yourself.  Ask your colleagues regularly  to have a virtual coffee, preferably with people outside your team



To stay productive, relaxation is crucial during and after your workday.  Another tip is to replace the travel time you would otherwise need to get to and from the office with a walk or bike ride at the end of the day. Scheduling a break in your to-do list is also a good idea.


High five

When you work from home, you may sometimes doubt yourself: am I doing my tasks correctly and am I visible enough? "Give yourself the confirmation you need, feel free to call it a 'high five' or 'self five.

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