'Rick and Morty' co-creator Justin Roiland faces felony domestic violence charges

Rick and Morty and High on Life co-creator Justin Roiland has been charged in a California court with domestic violence and false imprisonment, according to an NBC News report.

NBC, which obtained the criminal complaint in question, says Roiland was charged in May 2020 in connection with an incident in January of that year.

Roiland is charged with one count of domestic battery with bodily harm and one count of false imprisonment by threat, violence, fraud and/or deceit - both against an unnamed person he was dating at the time.

He pleaded "not guilty" to both charges.

So far, more than a dozen hearings have been held in connection with the charges, including a preliminary hearing today, but a trial date has not yet been set. Roiland was reportedly arrested in May 2020 and released on $50,000 bail in August.

In October, a protective order was filed stating he was not allowed to harass, threaten, monitor or go within 100 feet of the person in question.

A number of other details of the case were reportedly withheld under a protective order, although an attorney confirmed to NBC News that a plea offer was available.

NBC reports that a hearing in the case is expected to resume on April 27, with Roiland ordered to attend.

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