NBA - The 4 player trade that would rid the Lakers of Westbrook for good! 

Candidate for the title of 6th Man of the Year, Russell Westbrook is still on the hot seat at the Lakers. His managers would still consider trading him before the deadline, and could do so via a win-win deal that would take him to the East!

As very often in a couple that beats the wing, the second chance they gave each other hardly bears fruit. After a disappointing first season together, Russell Westbrook still does not meet the expectations of the Lakers.

So much so that his name is still in the trade rumors as the deadline approaches, and that the signs of fracture between him and his teammates are becoming more and more obvious.

That being said, the task of finding a new home for him is as complex as ever for the Angelino front office.

No other franchise seems ready to bring him back into its ranks, even if some remain open to discussion. This would be the case of Charlotte, whose current situation suggests that its leaders could very quickly shake the market.

Charlotte, ideal ally of the Lakers for a Russ trade ?

The Hornets are expected to shake up their roster in the coming days, and are already looking ahead to next season. They appear to be one of the few potential buyers of Westbrook

Several mock trades were then imagined, including one involving no less than 7 players.

A simpler and more credible alternative could be preferred, however, and would possibly do both teams' business:

First of all, the logic of the Hornets to validate this exchange would seem implacable, namely to tank while recovering an expiring contract like that of Westbrook, and at least a 1st-round pick. 

The franchise currently occupies the 14th place in the Eastern Conference (15-37), and can no longer expect much from this season.

Not to mention that Michael Jordan has always been a big fan of the Brodie.

For the Lakers, this deal would allow them to fill out a roster that is clearly lacking in talent. Able to defend well, but especially to bring energy, Rozier and Oubre are both averaging over 20 points. P.J.

Washington would represent an interesting backup inside. Finally, only Rozier, that the Lakers already coveted during the off-season, has a long-term contract!

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