Margot Robbie's female-fronted 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film shelved 

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" spin-off project has fallen through. In June 2022, Disney executives had announced that they were preparing a new film within the franchise.

Christina Hodson was to write the script and Margot Robbie was to be the lead actress. In an interview with "Vanity Fair", the Australian actress revealed that the studio decided to abandon the concept.

"We had an idea, we've been developing it for years, to do something with more women, not just women, but let's say it would have been a more feminine story, and that would have been really cool, but I understand they didn't want that," she said.

A sixth "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie would still be in preparation. It remains to be seen if Johnny Depp will resume the role of Jack Sparrow or if the saga will go in a totally different direction.

As for Margot Robbie, she always has a busy schedule. The actress is in the pre-production phase of a prequel to "Ocean's Eleven", her film "Barbie" is due to be released next summer and she is currently promoting "Babylon". 

"It was the most physically and emotionally draining character I've ever played, by far. Nellie was so demanding, she left me in pieces," shared the 32-year-old star, about the actress Nellie LaRoy she plays in "Babylon."

"What you see on screen," summarizes Margot Robbie, "is the sense of chaos that can reign on a shoot, somewhere between total hysteria and immeasurable happiness.

And that's exactly what we experienced while shooting. It was completely crazy, and fun, and amazing, even absurd. Clearly the best experience of my life."

"Babylon" will be released in French-speaking Switzerland on January 18.

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