Jeremy Renner shares a message of hope after his snowplow accident

The year 2023 started in a dramatic way for the actor Jeremy Renner who was victim of a very serious accident while participating in a snow removal operation in Nevada, USA.

Transported by helicopter to the hospital in intensive care, the actor has regularly given news, even indicating that he returned home this week.

Nevertheless, the road will still be long and difficult during this convalescence which could last several years.

New resolutions

This January 21, Jeremy Renner shared a new update about his health condition, but also his morale.

On his Instagram page, he thus shared a photo of his rehab, adding a few words to explain his current state of mind: 

"Morning workouts, resolutions, everything changed on this special January 1 [...] I want to thank EVERYONE for the messages and attentions for my family and me... A lot of love and gratitude for you all.

A message of hope that proves that the actor keeps the morale despite the difficulties and intends to overcome all this.

The End