Gratin with orange and spices, an original but very tasty dessert 

For a maximum of greed, make this wonderful gratin with orange and spices, you will succumb to its delicate flavors!

Halfway between a clafoutis for its fondant and a crème brûlée for its crunch, this orange gratin is simply delicious!

Very easy to prepare, its spicy flavors will delight your taste buds for a moment of sweetness and greed.

Another quick dessert to improvise to impress your guests, you will see that they will ask you your little secret.

Fruity and vitaminized, the orange and spice gratin is completely irresistible!


-5 oranges -1/2 teaspoon -cinnamon powder -1 vanilla bean -2 star anise -3 eggs -40 g sugar -100 ml fresh cream -butter -Powdered sugar



Squeeze the juice from three oranges. Peel the other two oranges and cut them into slices.


Heat the orange juice with the cinnamon, the vanilla bean split in half and scraped out, and the star anise for a few minutes. Add the orange slices to soak them.


Beat the eggs with the sugar, cream and two tablespoons of hot orange juice.


Butter 4 ramekins and place the orange slices. Pour the previous mixture and cook for 10 minutes at 210°C.


Sprinkle the gratins with a little sugar and return to the oven on broil for 5 minutes to caramelize


Enjoy it hot!

The End