Are you a creative generalist?

Our society places a certain importance on specialists. Think of the musicians who live for their music or the doctors and pilots who knew what they wanted to do from an early age. Have you ever heard of 'creative generalists'?

Many creative generalists struggle with the prevailing beliefs in today's society. "Having multiple short-term jobs on a resume doesn't look good, whereas creative generalists have qualities that specialists don't have or have less of. They are very complementary. We will list four main characteristics of these profiles.


They see quickly how things work

Generalists have a talent for quickly seeing how certain systems and processes work. "Project-based work or via outsourcing may be a good option for them.

They quickly acclimatize to a new project or a new workplace. Once they know how everything works and feel their interests are at stake, the project is already complete." 


They make connections

Because they have so many interests, creative generalists make quicker connections between things that basically have nothing to do with each other. 

"In this way, a generalist can bring a breath of fresh air to a business by looking at things from a different perspective." 


They are curious

Creative generalists have a constant thirst for knowledge. "They are not afraid to learn about a new topic. On the contrary, they want to know as much as possible. As a result, they can easily process a lot of information and distinguish between major and minor issues."


 They are not afraid of change

Their hunger to learn and their multitude of interests means they have a great need for change. "When they know how something works, they lose interest in it and move on to something new. 

They have absolutely no fear of change that shakes up their daily routine and even find it enjoyable." 

The End