7 tips for being mentally fit 


Your work environment, resources and organization help determine your mental health. List what influences you and make small adjustments.


Make sure you have your own space: put on headphones if you're working in a landscape and choose your favorite music or 'noise canceling' option. Just be careful not to come across as anti-social.


Choose to work remotely if you need to train intensively or stay focused for long periods of time. Work in blocks and exclude distractions as much as possible.


Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Take breaks to get your heart rate up, or take relaxing breaks to get your heart rate down. 


Choose an organization or network that matches your own values. Doing meaningful work is essential to being mentally fit.


Don't say yes too quickly. Consider first what is important to you


Use an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake up and only turn on your smartphone after a morning ritual that makes you alert and stimulates your attention.

The End