7 secrets to make a lot of money


ownership is everything

Real estate creates rental income, mines are full of gems, and olive groves produce olive oil. At one point, John Rockefeller owned 90% of the refining capacity of the United States. Needless to say, he was making a lot of money.


 Don't be the best but the one and only

Monopoles are real gold mines. The Von Thurn und Taxis family was wealthy because they were descendants of the emperor who owned the only functioning European postal service. The Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin became a billionaire because he had shares in Svyazinvest, the company that held the telecommunications and communications in Russia.


the size matters

The bigger a company is, the richer its owners are. The most classic example is of course the American supermarket Walmart, a pioneer in terms of large stores. 4 of the 12 richest people in the world are members of the Walton family, the owners of Walmart.


let someone else pay the bill

Many of the secrets of wealth are hidden in boring and complicated regulations. In his book, Sam Wilkin discusses the legendary example of American sugar farmers in the 1980s who received a government subsidy of $1.5 billion (or $200,000 per farmer). 


be good with numbers (and love money)

Be good with numbers, or at least don't be shy about them. John Rockefeller's first job was as an accountant. A love and desire for money can also help. Bill Gates insisted on wanting to earn his first million dollars by the age of twenty.


 the worst place is actually the best

The greenest grass is found on the edge of the abyss. In the 1990s, post-communist Russia, despite the economic catastrophe, was a favorite place for a series of businessmen. They were ruthless, pragmatic and had a particular aversion to rules and authority


have no mercy

This is the least attractive secret of wealth. Many rich people became rich because their former business partners opened doors for them. John Rockefeller slyly persuaded his partners to go into manual labor when he had personally saved enough money to buy the business outright.

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