These 6 jobs will no longer exist in 2030

The job market is constantly changing. Due to increased digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence, some of today's professions may soon no longer be necessary. Does your job still stand the test of time? 


A travel agency employee

Unfortunately, due to digitalization, booking a trip or airline tickets is increasingly done online and travel agencies are bound to disappear.



More and more supermarkets are introducing self-scanning checkouts. This means that the customer scans the products himself and pays with his credit card.


Printing operator

Print media are increasingly being replaced by online media. Thanks to digitization, you can now read your newspaper or magazine online in the morning at breakfast, including updates.


Bank employee

Banking, insurance and investment are all increasingly done online. Bank branches will be smaller in the future and will have financial advisors and experts on staff.



The "VAR" is already used in many soccer matches. This video refereeing tool avoids mistakes and endless discussions on the field. Less pretence, more game.


Call center employee

The introduction of chatbots means that you no longer have to systematically call call centers. Telemarketing is also evolving and automated sales calls are increasingly scheduled.

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