Are you an introvert? These 5 jobs are for you 

Each personality has its own profession. While extroverts feel comfortable in a position where they interact with people all day, such a job will give introverts a hard time

Those who want a job in which they can use their strengths, be themselves and finish their workdays with enthusiasm and satisfaction. 


Software developer

Software developers detect and solve problems. They design, develop and test software to achieve their goals. Although they sometimes work in teams, they are very often alone in writing code, testing software and fixing bugs.


Editor in Chief

The editors guide the authors through the different phases of their texts: from an idea to a concept and finally to a text ready to be published. They suggest to the authors how to improve and correct their texts. Most editing is a solo job, which makes it ideal for introverts.



Accountants deal with numbers: budgets, forecasts, financial reports, taxes... Such a profession can be practiced as a freelancer or within a company or an accounting firm.


IT Specialist

Computer scientists maintain and manage a company's IT processes and products. They work with their colleagues to solve IT problems, but their job also requires some solo time, which is ideal for introverted people.



Actuaries typically work in the insurance industry to evaluate risk factors and determine whether an insurance company should pay out on a particular policy. As a result, they juggle math, data, statistics, and spend a lot of time on their own.

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