15 Tips to Make your man love you 


Make yourself wanted

The old adage "Follow me and I will follow you" has not aged a bit. Because we often want what we don't have, don't make yourself too available to him at first.


Be comfortable in social situations

It's hard to admit, but when a man is having trouble making up his mind, the approval of others' eyes can help him get attached. In society, show yourself enthusiastic, at ease.


Do not confuse sex and love

If the stories of sex give sometimes place to many demonstrations of affection, it is very rare that they lead to deeper feelings. 


Blame him with intelligence

It's a common male stereotype that women spend their time complaining about their partners. Don't agree with your partner, but don't let it go to waste.


Be part of his daily life

To make an impression on the heart, you have to make an impression on the mind. Insinuate yourself into their daily routine.


To give him confidence

Feelings are uncontrollable. But sometimes, some human beings prevent themselves from getting too attached, for fear of suffering.


Having your own thing

Every relationship is an exchange. And for a man to fall in love, you can't let yourself get caught up in his interests and nod at the slightest of his proposals. 


Give him some space

 Allow them to be away from you, to wonder why they haven't heard from you, to reflect on your relationship. Out of sight, out of mind? Not necessarily.


Be passionate

Flatter his ego without overdoing it and maybe your damsel will have a sudden urge to spend all his time with you.


Surprise him

simply to make him feel that he will not have gone around your personality in some evening and that with you, he will not be bored.


Use the competition

In short, let him discover -almost- by himself that he is not the only male around you. Isn't the fear of losing the other one one of the grounds of love?


Do not try to change him

Worse, this behavior is likely to drive him away. Faced with a desperately cold partner, don't apologize for the couple. This will not convince him to fall in love. Because these things cannot be controlled.


Fight your fear of losing him

So stop believing that he or she is going to leave you at any moment. Stressing will cause you to tear yourself apart.


Do not be impatient

Not everything comes to those who wait, but the most persevering put more chances on their side.


Knowing how to give up

if you feel that your man will not go beyond the simple bar of attachment, take courage and leave the scene with your head held high. You will probably find a partner who is more in tune with your character.

The End