12 Tips to get what you want at work


Create positive emotions

You are convincing when you make an impression on people. You have an impact on the other person if you know how to touch them. You tell a 'story' and bring a breath of fresh air into the daily life of your interlocutor


Define what you want!

One of the reasons you don't get what you want is that you don't know what you want. You have not expressed your wishes in a clear, detailed and convincing way.


Be well prepared

Write down what you want to say. This way you will avoid arguments and the result will be as smooth as your ideas sound in your head.


Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself  and be aware that you have all the necessary qualities to reach your desired professional goal.


Exercise your brain

According to scientists, the brain is a goal-oriented 'organ'. Whatever goal you give your subconscious mind, it will work day and night. To do this, it is important that your goal is quantifiable


Imagine in advance and with a big smile how you will present your idea

Enthusiasm is the difference between mediocrity and success!


If possible, bring something real to the meeting

Something that relates to the idea you want to pitch at the meeting. It can be an object, your presentation, an article, a book. This object will allow you to arouse the curiosity of your audience.


Speak up and tell a story

Be concrete and compound the problem you have encountered. "It's a real shame: it impacts health, self-esteem, relationships, interactions with children,...". Ask your colleagues if they see themselves in this or that situation."


Be clear and organized

Describe what problems you are solving with your idea and what the outcome will be if your idea is executed. Keep in mind: the more concrete, the better!


See how your successful colleagues did it

We call them 'mentors'. It is interesting to observe them in action and try to reproduce the same thing.


Provide a solid conclusion

Plan what to do next in a specific way. For example, "I understand that you want to think about this for a moment. I'll write it all down for you and we'll meet again on Monday about it?"


Follow up

We live in busy times and people have a lot on their minds. That they don't respond to your request often has nothing to do with you. Take initiative and follow up on your project.

The End