12 most annoying actors and actresses 


Bill Murray

He was nicknamed the "drunken Irish tyrant". On the set of the film "And for Bob" in 1991, he had shown unpleasant behavior. According to the director Richard Dreyfuss, the actor was always mean and unavailable, not to mention the fact that he was always late for filming. 


Teri Hatcher

The American actress was well known to fans of the series Desperate Housewives as the best friend of other actresses like Eva Longoria, Vanessa Williams, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman. The reality was quite different, since all this beautiful world hated her, to the point that her name had been forgotten in the farewell and thank you cards...


Edward Norton

The "Primary Fear" actor has a reputation for wanting to hog all the roles. Apart from acting, he would interfere with the editing or the script, according to director Tony Kaye. Louis Leterrier, another director, could not get along with the "Incredible Hulk" actor either. He would have added dialogue, which created discord between Edward Norton and Marvel.


Lindsay Lohan

She is pretty and sweet, at least in appearance! During the filming of "The canyons", the director Paul Schrader told reporters that the actress was "a real nightmare" ... He lived 16 difficult months, taken hostage by the beautiful, but could not describe his behavior.


Chevy Chase

The comedian had trouble working with the cast of Saturday Night Live. This was also the case on Community, which he called "a fucking mediocre sitcom". Donald Glover, on the other hand, criticized him for saying "people think you're funnier because you're black". Chevy Chase did not deny the facts, but rejected the interpretation of this sentence.


Katherine Heigl

Think before you speak, that's what the actress should do ... In 2008, during the filming of the movie with Seth Rogen, she had criticized the director Judd Apatow "a little sexist". She had also said that the series Grey's Anatomy (which made her famous by the way) did not deserve to be considered an Emmy. She had denied the statement, but her reputation took a hit!


Bruce Willis

The production broke its contract during the third series of Expandables, because the famous John Mc Clane had demanded a very high fee. The director Kevin Smith had also paid the price during the shooting of Cop Out, he had described their collaboration as "upsetting". He had called Bruce Willis "a fucking asshole" during the closing ceremony.


Sean Young

The director Oliver Stone did not mince his words, the actress has a "character of pig" according to him ... It was during the shooting of Wall Street in 1987 in which she was fired by the way!


Megan Fox

The actress was a real pest during the shooting of Transformers... she argued with everyone and even compared Michael Bay to Hitler! But hey, she was only 20 years old at the time, today she would bitterly regret it.


Val Kilmer

The actor of Batman forever, True Romance, The Saint, Top Gun, Willow and many others has a bad reputation, he does not hesitate to publicly insult directors. The director John Frankenheimer paid the price during the shooting of the film The Island of Doctor Moreau in 1996, he confided "that he would never work with Val Kilmer again"!


Lea Michele

The star of Glee makes the big head, whereas it is only at the beginning of career. She has a "nightmarish" character, explained Kate Hudson after a few filming sessions...


Isaiah Washington 

The handsome doctor Burke in "Grey's Anatomy" was ejected from his role after he elegantly insulted actor T.R Knight as a "fag". He also had a tense relationship with Patrick Dempsey.

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