12 disturbing elements of video meetings 


Sound without images

Since you may not see your boss or colleagues for weeks or even months, turning on your camera is really essential. Seeing each other is essential to maintaining a sense of continuity and connection.


Video call for anything and everything

A video call can be great for keeping in touch with your work, but you shouldn't overdo it. If a task can be done by sending an email, don't schedule a video conference in your calendar, especially at times when everyone is very busy.


Just a little too much sound

Remember that any sound in the background is amplified. If you are in a virtual meeting with more than two people, set up your microphone properly or use headphones.


Gossip factory

Private messaging in a videoconference is never completely private. The host may well be recording every meeting on his or her computer. Think twice before spitting venom about a colleague or criticizing your boss.


Not enough attention

Does your boss regularly share his screen during video conferences? Beware, Big Brother is watching you. On some platforms, the host can monitor who is paying attention and who is not. 


Too late!

Whether you are at work or sitting on the couch, arriving on time is a sign of respect. A lack of punctuality will quickly give the impression that you are not involved in your work.


A shirt and jogging pants

It doesn't make sense to quickly replace your baggy sweater with a well-ironed shirt before a video meeting. You obviously want to look professional. On the other hand, don't forget to take off your jogging pants and put on a nice pair of pants.


No eye contact

Eye contact is important, even in a virtual environment. This way, you give your interlocutors the impression that you are talking to them personally, even if you are tens of miles apart.


Chaotic background

If there is a lot to see in your background, it immediately distracts participants. Move to a quiet location or simply use a neutral virtual background.


Technical issues

Check to see if your Internet connection is stable enough for the video conference to start efficiently. If you have to reboot your router at the last minute, you may be late for your meeting.


Subtle invasion

Do you have one video conference after another? Don't let anyone subtly 'invade' your conversations. Work with a 'waiting room' option that allows you to allow participants to actually take part in the meeting.


Mr. (or Mrs.) Popular

Everyone does it: send WhatsApp messages to friends while at work or chat via Facebook. Just remember to turn off your notifications before the meeting starts. There's nothing more annoying than hundreds of beeps disrupting the conversation.

The End