10 tips for a safe and fun Halloween party for everyone! 


Be noticeable at night

Make sure your children are visible no matter what costume they choose. If necessary, use reflective tape that you can attach to their costume, or use glow sticks or rings.


A comfortable and safe Halloween costume

It is preferable not to use masks so that the children's view is not obstructed. 


Watch out for car drivers!

Although many motorists avoid driving on Halloween night, the danger remains. In fact, a U.S. survey published last year indicates that the risk of death is unfortunately 43% higher for pedestrians on Halloween night.


Protect your home!

While you're away, be sure to protect your home. While most people are in the mood to celebrate, others may have bad intentions, and there is often an increase in incidents of vandalism.


Make sure the outside of your home is well lighted

Unfortunately, this means that little ones may have a harder time accessing your door, and it also increases the risk of falls.


Make sure your driveway and stairs are safe

Sweep leaves off your steps and driveway, especially if they are wet.


Check the solidity of your staircase banister

In some neighborhoods, it is not uncommon to see a line of children waiting for their turn on the stairs. A safe railing can prevent them from falling and creating a dangerous domino effect.


Safe lighting for your decorations

Use a light source other than candles in your pumpkins; costumes, paper decorations and ornamental straw can easily catch fire.


Keep your pets away!

Even the nicest, most docile dogs can have a bad day, especially when repeated ringing of the bell brings out their protective instincts.


And one last tip to remember!

Once the safety precautions are in place and the children have been briefed, have fun and enjoy the magic of the evening!

The End