Best junior Tennis Racquets for 2021 : Full Guide & Review

Best junior Tennis Racquets for 2021 Full Guide & Review

When it comes to choosing the best junior Tennis Racquets for kids, the process is tricky because you have to make a selection that really suits them in terms of weight and materials. This is not really a problem when it comes to choosing racquets for adults because of the wide range of products on the market. So, for kids playing tennis, what are the best criteria for choosing their racquets? What brand of racquet should I choose for long-term use?

Best junior tennis racquets 2021 quick review 


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At what age should I start playing tennis?

Most often, there is no ideal age for playing tennis. Some children have a natural aptitude for the sport from birth, while others need to be pushed and encouraged by their parents. Specialists agree that a child can start playing tennis from the age of 5, which will allow them to develop many skills such as teamwork, coordination, psychomotor factors, concentration, etc. 

In order to best encourage children to play tennis, it is important to provide them with the right equipment while noting that they grow up very quickly. To do this, they need quality tennis accessories that they can use for a long time. Great tennis players in the world like Roger Federer started playing at the age of 8 and your child can start early too.

How to choose a tennis racquet for kids 

Before choosing a tennis racquet for children, the first thing to do is to test the length. This test will make it easier to make a good choice. Selecting a tennis racquet for kids is a time-consuming activity that can take a lot of time. That’s why it’s important to start your search early and, above all, to have the budget to do so.

The kid’s favorite tennis star

When juniors start playing tennis, they all have stars they idealize and want to look like. More often than not, they want the same accessories as their stars. So, the parent must make sure to find the tennis accessories that match the taste of the children, and especially according to what their favorite star uses.

There is a wide range of tennis racquets on the market from different brands of tennis stars for kids. These racquets are often sponsored by the biggest stars.

The materials of the tennis racquet

For juniors, the material of the racquets should not be considered as a basic criterion either. On the market, junior racquets are mostly made of aluminum and graphite. 

They are light and allow children to make good use of them. However, tennis racquets should not be too heavy to create problems for children and be a source of injury. For a beginner, aluminum racquets are the best because they are light.

The racquet’s handle size 

The grip of the racquet is very important because it is what makes it easy to handle. Thus, there is a wide range of racquets with their different sizes to choose from. The average racquet size for a child’s tennis racquet is 4 inches. It is always possible to find models with larger or smaller sizes. In order for the child to play the sport well, he or she needs a racquet with a good grip.

 So, for a racquet with a handle that is a little too big, you will simply have to take it to a tennis store so that the specialists can make the necessary modifications. In addition, for small-sized racquets, the use of overgrips will help to harmonize the size for the comfort of the child. 

Tennis strings

For children just starting out in tennis, the differences between tennis strings are not important factors. At first, they will not need to do drills or practices that require high-quality strings. Most junior racquets are pre-strung by the manufacturers. When it comes to stringing, parents should not look too hard at this selection criterion.

The racquet’s color

Children have different tastes and reactions than adults. So, whether they are girls or boys, they would like to have racquets according to their favorite color. For juniors under the age of eight, there is still a wide range of racquets in different colors that parents can easily find.

Finding the right sizes for your child’s racquet.

Most often, it takes time and energy to find the right size racquet because all children are different. Even though manufacturers recommend racquet models for a certain age, your child’s body type may not allow him or her to use a particular racquet. 

That said, a good child’s racquet is also a safety feature to protect your child from potential arm injuries. Therefore, when choosing a racquet, the size of the racquet to be considered should correspond to the child in question.

Best junior tennis racquets review  2021

WILSON Federer Junior Racquet 

In all sports, there are indispensable accessories. The tennis racquet is one of the first tools to have when you want to play tennis. Its choice is so important that it can determine the performance on the court. This is why, when choosing, you must consider several criteria. However, some brands like Wilson offer superior quality items, allowing players to enjoy their accessory while maximizing their game.

The Wilson Federer Junior Tennis Racquet is a racquet for kids to perform well with. Whether they are beginners or intermediates, this tool will allow them to evolve quickly and work on their techniques. It comes with 3 balls of different sizes, so the player can start practicing right away. It is also sold at a good price and all parents can buy it for their little ones.

best junior tennis racquets

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HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

In the world of tennis, it is important to have quality accessories. One of the most important is the racquet, an essential tool for the practice of this sport. So, for children who want to try this sport, it is necessary to have the right quality racquet. Head brand tennis racquets are the best on the market and are best suited for all their desires.

Both racquets feature the Special Damp+ technology which aims to optimize the damping of vibrations and strokes. All racquets come with their own covers, which offer durable protection. In addition, they are made of aluminum, which is ideal for intermediate players. With this set of two racquets, the player gets these accessories that can be used at any time. If you love your kids, give them these quality products and they will thank you for it.

best junior tennis racquets

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TOPINCN Tennis racquet Super Light Weight Junior Tennis Training Racquet for Kids

The Topincin kids’ racquet is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and is lightweight. In addition, it is strong and is designed to last for a long time. Because of the material, it is made of, it is easy to swing and handle. Any child can use it.

It has a light power, allowing the user to hit the ball successfully. This racquet can be used by professional players, beginners, intermediates, and recreational players. To attract the attention of children, it is available in bright colors to be chosen by the player. Among the 3 colors in which it is available, the player can easily make his choice. One of the advantages of using this model is that you have a good after-sales experience from the seller. If you have always been looking for a lightweight and high-performance racquet for your children, this one will be of great benefit to them.

TOPINCN Tennis racquet Super Light Weight Junior Tennis Training Racquet for Kids

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Achort Children’s Tennis racquet

The racquet features a comfortable PU handle that is easy for the player to manipulate for a quality playing experience. In addition, it has a spool guard to protect the racquet over a long period of use. With a unique design, this racquet has a one-piece molded technology that allows the player to get intensity when playing. In addition, this item has a nylon cable and a cover to protect the material.

In fact, it has been designed with a frame made of O-beam technology aluminum with good dimensions. This makes it easy to handle and gives it more power. If you are struggling to find gift ideas for your children, why not opt for this wonderful product?

Achort Children's Tennis racquet

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What is the right price for a child’s racquet?

The price range for junior racquets can be from 10 to 200 dollars. These prices vary depending on the size, material, brand, features, and functionality of the racquet, etc. However, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a racquet is the material of the racquet. Graphite racquets are more expensive than aluminum ones.

What other accessories are useful for the children’s racquet?

For juniors, they don’t need much equipment. To begin with, they need a tennis racquet and especially its cover for better protection. It is possible to find a tennis bag, tennis balls, shoes, clothes, etc. The most important thing is to find accessories that suit the needs of children and that will make them happy.

Can adults use the junior racquets?

In reality, there is no real advantage to an adult using a junior racquet. An adult will need to use a racquet that is suitable for him or her and that will allow him or her to achieve his or her goals. An adult’s racquet should be chosen based on many criteria such as weight, hardness, and size, which is not necessarily the case for juniors. For novices or those who have just started playing tennis, it is advisable to buy a beginner’s racquet and not a junior’s racquet.

What are the differences between junior and adult racquets?

Adult racquets are heavy and large. They cannot be used by children. On the other hand, there is a wide range of racquets for juniors on the market that are specially designed for this purpose. They are light and suitable for use by juniors.

Older kids will have to opt for larger racquets that can reach 27 inches. The best racquet for a junior is one that they can easily handle and use on a court. Secondly, if the junior is growing, they will need racquets that fit their body type.


When it comes to choosing a racquet for children, there are many criteria to consider. Not all children, even at the same age, have the same physical shape and abilities, which can make the choice more complex. 

This is why the choice must first consider if the child really likes tennis and if the investments to be made will be necessary. Then, the age of the junior, the quality of the racquets, the skills and qualities of the child, his level of play, the price of the racquet, etc. should be taken into account.

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